What We Offer

Orlando Health Network makes the success of our participating providers in our value-based care arrangements its primary objective. The Network performs at the highest levels and sustains this success principally through including collaborative one-on-one operational meetings, the ability and willingness to be innovative and drive change, and the sharing of best practices.

Collaborative Meetings

Orlando Health Network Participating Providers are scheduled to meet regularly with assigned operational and care management staff. These meetings include both the initial network onboarding sessions as well as subsequently calendared quarterly performance meetings. Each session is intended to serve as an opportunity to share network updates, review provider performance across various payer contracts, and supply resources to the practice for continued process improvement, whenever possible.

Change Management

Orlando Health Network provides guidance and support to our Participating Providers geared toward achieving the Quadruple Aim — lower healthcare expenditures, higher quality outcomes, better patient experience, and physician support. A practice which is ready and willing to engage in transformational dialogue is best poised for success and will help lead the network efforts toward value based outcomes.

Culture of Best Practice

The healthcare industry at large is rapidly and constantly evolving. The Orlando Health Network strives to support our network practices and keep them informed of these changes and current industry guidelines. By supporting multiple physician-to-physician collegial events, along with supplying regularly updated and current educational materials, the Orlando Health Network regularly displays its commitment to its Participating Provider constituency to navigate toward success.

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