Orlando Health Imaging Center

Advanced Technology and Precision

Our team of fellowship-trained musculoskeletal radiologists and orthopedic doctors bring extensive expertise to the treatment of diseases and injuries of the joints, bones, muscles and spine. For both adult and pediatric patients, our team performs a comprehensive and detailed analysis of imaging studies to chart the best course of treatment.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: From the moment you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be able to customize the parts of your experience, including setting room lights to your desired brightness. A unique patient display uses augmented reality, making the space feel larger to calm any feelings of anxiety or claustrophobia.
  • Decreased Scan Times: Using AI-powered image reconstruction technology, Deep Resolve software radically shortens scan times, delivering sharper scans, faster than ever before. Scans using traditional MRI technology can take up to 45 minutes — ours often take less than 10 minutes.

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