It is well-known that burnout will impact about 60% of providers at one point in their career. The approach to reducing burnout is really an approach to improve wellness and resilience. Think of wellness as an internal bank account. Every time you participate in a wellness activity (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), you are making deposits. Stressful situations at work and at home can make withdrawals out of this wellness bank account.

Resilience is often thought of as the ability to endure difficult situations. However, resilience is actually having the ability to recover; having the ability to bounce back. It’s a skill, and as such, it can be learned and improved. We know how the ever-changing healthcare system is becoming more challenging. Therefore, we are constantly working on providing you with several brief videos to help you strengthen your resilience and make more “deposits” to your wellness bank.

Wellness and Medicine

Wellness & Medicine should go hand in hand. However, life also has a way of presenting us with challenges and unexpected circumstances that often impact our wellness. Here’s a playlist of curated short videos to provide you with practical tips. If you would like to a personalized plan to improve your wellness in medicine, please contact us.


Coaching is a term often associated with sports but it can be used in the medical setting as a resource for medical providers who would like to enhance their personal and professional skills. Coaching involves a confidential 1:1 meeting with a physician coach who can help you manage your stress, time, and leadership style. Having a coach does not mean there’s something wrong with you. Actually, coaching is a resource used by many top companies and high level achievers.


Consultation is a resource available to physicians and other leaders who would like an expert advice in a particular area or with a specific individual. During consultations, a physician coach meets with pertinent individuals and begins to conduct formal and/or informal assessments in order to provide adequate feedback and strategies on how to best address the issues. 

Wellness and Resilience Resources

You can find more resources to help you hone your skills and improve your wellness and resilience on our Resources page.