Sometimes it can be difficult to know where you are in terms of your wellness and resilience. Here are some simple self-assessments to get you started. However, in order to fully determine your strengths and areas of improvement, please contact a physician coach who uses instruments such as the Hogan Personality Assessment, the RightPath, Strengths Finder and the DiSC assessment to develop a thorough and individualized picture of you and create a plan that is tailored to you and your current needs.

* These assessments were selected based on their usability and not needing to create an account to obtain a score. Please note that these assessments are not meant to provide a diagnosis nor provide recommendations for treatment. You’re encouraged to contact a coach to discuss the results and/or if you want to learn tools and techniques to manage a specific issue. Choosing to meet with a coach to discuss the assessment results does not constitute a form of medical treatment and there are no patient/physician confidentiality protections. Discussions and Assessments will generally be considered to be confidential information unless there is a duty to warn.

Wellness and Resilience Resources

You can find more resources to help you hone your skills and improve your wellness and resilience on our Resources page.


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