Public Speaking

Year after year, public speaking ranks on the top 3 most feared activities in the US. Many times, we watch great public speakers and think that we can “never” do that.

If you think of public speaking as a sort of performance, you will always feel the pressure to “perform.” If you see it as a conversation you’re having with an audience, you will focus more on what you’re sharing than on how you’re being perceived and how well you are doing.

The reality is that public speaking a skill that can be learned through coaching and mentorship. People often obtain public speaking training because of their desire to become more effective communicators and/or be more persuasive. These individuals might need to do presentations as part of their job or simply, a tool that can enhance their interpersonal communication with others. Whatever your need is, coaching can provide tools and guidance to make your presentations and delivery much more effective.

Coaching in this area involves skills related to how to develop an adequate flow of ideas, ways to use personal stories to connect with the audience, and how to properly use non-verbal communication to enhance the delivery and impact.