Kenny is considered an expert in the field of mental and emotional health and has obtained certifications in addictions, trauma, and evidence-based approaches such as EMDR, and TF-CBT. As a result of his experience and effectiveness in providing services to individuals, groups, couples and families, Kenny has become a sought after speaker for local and national conferences. He has presented on a myriad of topics involving the mental and emotional health of professionals and the general public. He has also been interviewed for radio, newspaper, television and social media. He has written and collaborated in creating literature and curriculums for different organizations.

As Kenny’s knowledge, experience, and accomplishments grew, his role evolved from psychotherapist to consultant, to trainer, and now the manager of the Physician Wellness and Resilience Program. In 2004, Kenny was part of Orlando Health’s inaugural Emerging Leader Program where he was exposed to the organization as a whole and connected with several individuals within the organization. As a result of these connections and the many gifts and skills Kenny possess, he joined the Wellness and Resilience Program to help in its development and establishment as a premier program for physicians and advanced medical professionals.

Kenny has received several awards and recognitions for his relentless pursuit of finding ways to help others. His heart and spirit have been recently illustrated by his developing a system-wide protocol to support and help team members after critical incidents such as suicides, loss of patients, and man-made disasters such as bombings, significant shootings and assaults.  Kenny’s strong background in mental health, effectiveness in the treatment of trauma, and his certification in the internationally used Critical Incident Stress Management Model have been instrumental in the creation of this protocol. He assembled a team of like-minded professionals who provide services on the wellness continuum to include mental health, spiritual care, case management, pet therapy, integrative medicine, and nutrition.

As part of the Wellness and Resilience Program, Kenny provides services to physicians and advanced practice providers that include coaching, consultation, training and leadership development. His goal is to continue to provide hope, healing, and help to those who care for others.