Corporate Office of Research Operations

About Us

The Corporate Office of Research Operations (CORO) is responsible for supporting investigators and administrators in research by managing investigator-initiated research, academic, cooperative group, and externally sponsored research projects and clinical trials.

CORO processes approximately 200 applications annually for Orlando Health. The Office provides training to investigators, administrators and research operations teams and is available to provide customized consultative services to investigators and administrators.

Our Vision

The Corporate Office of Research Operations will create an outstanding climate of support for Orlando Health researchers, enabling exceptional research advances.

Staff Members

Corporate Office of Research Operations
Picture of Philip Giordano, MD
Philip Giordano, MD

Chief, Corporate Research Operations

Picture of Kurt Weber, MD
Kurt Weber, MD

Senior Director, Corporate Office of Research Operations

Picture of Tara Roberts, CIM, CIP
Tara Roberts, CIM, CIP

Senior Director, Research Regulation and Compliance

Picture of Allisun Feazell, CIP, CCRP
Allisun Feazell, CIP, CCRP

Director, Research Monitoring & Audit

Picture of Vicky Awalt
Vicky Awalt

Director, Research Revenue Compliance

Picture of Renzo Brothers
Renzo Brothers

Senior Clinical Research Revenue Specialist

Picture of Belinda Burns
Belinda Burns

Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

Belinda Burns
Administrative Assistant
1401 Lucerne Terrace, 3rd Floor
Mail Point: 131
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: (321) 841-6472
Fax: (321) 843-6241