Bayfront Health Surgeon is Florida’s Top Provider for Inspire Sleep Therapy

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg physician Dr. Julia Pfaff, DO is now the United States’ number two provider of the Inspire sleep therapy system. She is also Florida’s top provider of the procedure. Dr. Pfaff achieved these major milestones at the end of 2022. 

Inspire is an option for patients who may be looking for an alternative to using a CPAP machine to help with their condition. The sleep therapy system works by a having a device implanted in the body. It’s designed to open the airway each time the patient initiates a breath. It prevents airway obstruction from the inside out as patients sleep. Patients control the device with a remote control, turning it on just before bed and switching it off when they wake up. Approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Pfaff has been performing Inspire sleep therapy treatments since 2021.

This year Dr. Pfaff, who is rated as an Excellence Program Member of Inspire, reached another milestone, performing her 200th procedure to treat a patient suffering from sleep apnea.

“We are so proud to know that we are changing so many lives of people looking for a good night’s sleep” said Dr. Trina Espinola, Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Chief Medical Officer. “Learning that Dr. Pfaff is the number two provider in the nation and the number one provider of Inspire sleep therapy in Florida, speaks to the exceptional clinicians Bayfront Health attracts to the Orlando Health network of hospitals. It also shows our patients trust us with the high level of care we provide every day.”