Level One Trauma Team and Orange County Office of the EMS Medical Director Launch Bleeding Control Training to Help Save Lives

Car crashes, workplace or at home injuries or falls, or mass casualty incidents. All can cause life threatening critical bleeding injuries.
Today, Orlando Health Level One Trauma Team and Orange County Office of the EMS Medical Director  launched Stop the Bleed, a national call to provide special bleeding control training to first responders and civilian bystanders to help save lives following man-made or natural mass casualty events.
The event included remarks from Orlando Health, Orange County Government and City of Orlando officials. The launch provided an overview of the Stop the Bleed initiative, along with simulation learning demonstrations of how a bleeding control kit can be used to stop bleeding after an injury.
Bleeding control kits, or B-Con Kits as they are referred to, include: gloves, tourniquet (s), gauze coated with special medication to help with clotting, pressure bandage/compression application.
The demonstrations also included the ABCs of responding for bleeding: A for Alert, call 9-1-1; B for Bleeding, find the bleeding injury; and C for Compress, apply pressure by various techniques including a tourniquet or packing the wound.
For additional information about training, send an email to [email protected] .