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Day in the Life: Craig Gilmer

May 24, 2017

I’ve worked in recruiting and human resources for over a decade and what drew me to the profession all those years ago still keeps me going today: connecting people with great opportunities and giving them the chance to succeed.

Every day is different in recruiting. That’s what makes it so exciting and fulfilling. Orlando Health and its network of eight hospitals and health care facilities serve 1.8 million Central Florida residents, making it one of the area’s largest employers. Every day, my colleagues and I work to find talented people to join the Orlando Health family and help our healthcare system achieve its mission of providing quality, patient-focused care.

We perform a wide range of tasks to service the needs of the business. One day can be very project- driven, like building new processes or procedures. The next day we may focus on providing presentations or consulting hiring managers on staffing needs and recruiting plans. We are constantly looking for better ways to service the business, which always keeps us on the move.

I lead a team of skilled recruiters who serve as the face of our organization to over 6,000 applicants per month. I have the pleasure of working alongside recruiters and hiring leads from the business to solve staffing problems. I also help develop the recruiting strategies and find new ways to attract, retain and engage talent.

The team members really appreciate the HR function and recruiting has a clear alignment with the business goals. In many other organizations, recruiting can be very transactional. However, at Orlando Health, recruiting is a true partner to the business. Our results have a direct impact on the business and all the team members show their appreciation for recruiting, which makes our work so much more rewarding.

It’s a great environment to work in and clearly shows what sets Orlando Health apart as an employer: its people and culture. We have a unique culture in that we are part of the community and closely connect with our patients as part of our everyday interactions. We’re all committed to making a difference and providing everyone who comes through our doors with great care, dignity and respect — and that’s what makes Orlando Health such a great place to work.