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Did you really think you would be excited to learn about baby poop? Well, that’s what happens when you have your first baby. And from talking to mothers with grown children, they still like talking about it.

It’s the first thing that happens when you bring your baby home. It’s a bonding experience with mom, dad and baby. It’s as natural as breathing. And it’s not going to go away…no matter how much Dad wishes it would.

Newborn Poop. What’s Normal?

You bring your baby home and you know your baby is going to poop. But did you know there are stages of newborn baby poop?

Stage 1: Meconium Poop

This is your baby’s first poop. It’s usually tarry black and will stick to your baby’s skin. And the good news…it has no smell! It contains everything that was in your baby’s intestines during pregnancy. But don’t fret because it’s black and tarry…it means everything is working properly.

Stage 2: Transitional Poop

This poop shows up after your baby’s first day, and is brown or green in color. It’s no longer sticky and may contain milk curds or “seeds.”

Stage 3: Milk Poop

This poop appears around the 3rd day and is affected by how you feed your baby. If you breast feed, your baby’s poop will be loose, yellow curdy and look like mustard. And there will be a lot of poop. IT’S A GOOD THING!—It’s not diarrhea…just means your baby is getting enough to drink and gaining weight!
If your baby is formula fed, the poop will be yellow to tan with an odor. It will be more pasty, like peanut butter, and you’ll also see fewer and larger poops.

The Colorful World of Poop

There is A Lot to Know About your Baby's First Year

Your first year as a parent is full of new experiences; our pediatricians want to help them be happy ones. Let us be a resource for information on keeping your baby healthy. Schedule an appointment with an Orlando Health pediatrician at a location convenient for you.

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