Lockdown at ORMC has been Lifted, ED is Open and Accepting Patients

Update 6:30:

After the devastating events of this weekend, the next several days will be extremely active on the main campus. The traffic and congestion are likely to cause delays as you come in to work. Please drive safely and give yourself extra time.

Members of the news media, local, national and international are beginning to arrive in large numbers. Team members should direct all questions asked of them to a member of our Media Relations team at [email protected]. This address reaches all members of the department and the appropriate representative will respond.

Lockdown at ORMC has been lifted. The ED is open and accepting patients. All operations have returned to normal. 

Update with plans for this evening and tomorrow, Monday, June 13.
There are no plans to stop services provided at Orlando Health. We will remain open to care for our patients and the community as usual.
Our team members scheduled to work should report to work as usual. 

Please remember that at all times it is a priority to maintain HIPAA compliance. Only team members that have a need to know should access a patient’s chart.
Our team members have been extraordinary during this horrific crisis. Thank you for your valiant efforts to care for all our patients and their family members.