Mass Casualty Incident Media Update

An update on the shooting incident in downtown Orlando from Orlando Health.

Media Update – 9:25 p.m. (EDT)

Family members of confirmed patients at ORMC may continue visits at the hospital.

Family members seeking information about loved ones are asked to meet at Beardall Senior Center at 800 South Delaney Avenue, instead of the Hampton Inn & Suites at 43 Columbia Street.

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Media Update – 4:45p.m. (EDT)

The lockdown at Orlando Regional Medical Center has been lifted. The Emergency Department is open and accepting patients. All operations have returned to normal.

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Orlando, FL (June 12, 2016) - Today has been a tragic day in our community. First, we want to thank the first responders, community partners and Orlando Health team members for their efforts and support as they have responded to and will continue to respond to today’s horrific mass shooting incident. As victims were brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center and other Orlando Health hospitals, they responded with caring, kindness and true professionalism. We thank them for everything they have done and will continue to be asked to do as this situation plays out. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families as we work through this trying time. If you hear of families who are seeking information about their loved ones, please refer them to the newly established victim hotline at 407-246-4357.

We also want to take this opportunity to correct some inaccurate information. Earlier today, there were reports that a gunman had breached security at ORMC’s emergency department. That did not occur. At no time was there ever a gunman in the ED. There are also rumors surfacing that ORMC is closed. Again, that is incorrect. ORMC is on lock down for visitors, but we continue to see and treat patients coming in through the emergency room. Previously scheduled elective procedures are also still being performed, however some patients have decided to postpone their treatment for another date; a decision we respect.

Michael Cheatham, MD, Chief Surgical Quality Officer for Orlando Regional Medical Center and a trauma surgeon, will be participating in a press event scheduled for 3:30 p.m. The press event is to be held in the parking lot of a restaurant located at 2211 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, 32806.

The outpouring of kindness and support from the community has been overwhelming. We have received offers of food, flowers and gifts. However, due to the nature of today’s event, we are not accepting in-kind donations. Individuals who wish to show their support should contact the blood center at to schedule an appointment to donate blood.

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