Orlando Health Expands Partnership with Doctors’ Center Hospital

Orlando Health expanded its partnership with Doctors’ Center Hospital, which now extends to four hospitals, plus a free-standing emergency department in Puerto Rico.

In October 2022, Orlando Health joined forces with Doctors’ Center Hospital to create Doctors’ Center Hospital Orlando Health – Dorado in Puerto Rico. The new brand replaced Sabanera Health Dorado, the name of Puerto Rico's 105-bed acute care hospital that opened in March 2022.

The partnership between Orlando Health and Doctors’ Center Hospital also includes Doctors' Center Hospital Orlando Health – San Juan, Doctors' Center Hospital Orlando Health – Bayamón, Doctors' Center Hospital Orlando Health – Manatí, Doctors' Center Hospital Orlando Health – San Fernando de la Carolina and Doctors' Center Hospital Orlando Health – Arecibo, an ambulatory diagnostic and treatment center.

“Orlando Health is excited to expand our partnership with Doctors’ Center Hospital, the premier health system in Puerto Rico,” said David Strong, president & CEO, Orlando Health. “We are grateful for this opportunity as we work together to elevate patient care, increase healthcare access on the island and create an easier transition of care for patients between Puerto Rico and Central Florida."

“Our vision has always been to provide the best medical care locally and globally. We are now going to improve on what we have done with the services and best practices with the knowledge we will receive from Orlando Health,” stated Dr. Carlos Blanco, Chairman of Doctors’ Center Hospital. “As part of this partnership our personnel, as well as our existing base of over 600 physicians in Doctors’ Center’s system, will benefit from the world-known expertise that an entity like Orlando Health has. It will also provide the opportunity to bring to the Island new health professionals, including Puerto Rican physicians interested on returning to the Island, which will solidify the local health system. At the end it represents more and better services to the patients we serve,” Dr. Blanco said.

The collaboration also includes efforts to improve quality and care for patients, improve clinical programs, plus the education and training of professional and support staff. Since the partnership began, Orlando Health physicians have worked with physicians at Doctors’ Center Hospital Orlando Health – Dorado to launch the hospital’s robotic surgery center.

Orlando Health recently hosted a Robotic Surgery Symposium in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where panelists discussed advanced surgical techniques in a variety of specialties, including colorectal surgery, gynecology, bariatric surgery, hernia repair, thoracic surgery, lung cancer treatment, and urological reconstructive surgery.

“We look forward to collaborating on the development of new health services on the island and continuing to share medical knowledge through events like the Robotic Surgery Symposium,” Strong said.