Orlando Health Sets Up Mobile Hospital Unit to Train and Prepare for Potential Disasters

Oh, the simulated horror! The Mannequin Apocalypse is almost here!

Orlando Health will conduct its annual Alternate Medical Treatment Site (AMTS) Set-up Training or the “mannequin apocalypse” to train for potential real-life crises in Central Florida.

Hospitals in a disaster situation quickly become overwhelmed and it is critical that their resources remain available for treating critical patients. This year, the training site will be set up across from the D-deck parking garage and the team will also run through a scenario that might require this treatment site.

Team members interested in volunteering should sign in the day of at the volunteer desk on site. Email [email protected] for questions.

Team members are welcome to stop by the site to learn about Orlando Health’s preparations for emergency situations. Community partners and representatives from other healthcare systems will be coming to observe the AMTS set-up as part of our continuing efforts to support the region. Tours of the site will be available at 9 am.

1420 Sligh Boulevard (across from D-Deck)
7:30 am – 11:45 am
Tours of the site will be available at 9 am
The drill begins at 10 am
Demobilization begins at 11:15 am