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Peachy-Berry with Coconut Smoothie

April 15, 2021

Peaches are a great source of fiber and can protect you from health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and colorectal cancer. Try this smoothie recipe from Lauren Popeck, a registered dietitian with Orlando Health. 


  • 1 peach, pitted

  • 10 strawberries

  • 2 cups raw baby spinach

  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • 8 ounces unsweetened coconut milk (carton beverage, not canned)


  Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Nutrition Facts (per serving):

Calories: 181.4
Protein: 4.4 g
Fat: 5.5 g
Carbs: 34.2 g
Fiber: 6.6 g

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