Thanks to the 2016-2017 Team Member Advisory Council

Last month, the 2016-2017 Team Member Advisory Council completed their Council term after 12 months of sharing outstanding input and feedback!

During the recent Council year, the group welcomed close to 30 different guest speakers and shared input and feedback on many topics, including the newly designed Applause Central and Orlando Health Champion program, confirming 15 new team member Champions.

The Council took part in the exciting OH-olopy exercise, participated in a DiSC profile activity and Generational Diversity workshop and also had the opportunity to visit the Hubbard House and tour Air Care.

Later this month, a new Council year will kick off and 42 team members will join the 2017-2018 Team Member Advisory Council. The Council is a standing feedback and liaison group of non-management team members who meet once a month for one year to provide input and feedback on organization topics and programs.

Thank you to the 2016-2017 Team Member Advisory Council for the many contributions you made!