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The Perfect Snacks for Your Summer

Whether you are social distancing and getting some sun at the beach or hanging out in the backyard, having snacks on hand is vital for quickly satisfying rumbly tummies. Now more than ever, being prepared is important so you can minimize unnecessary trips to the store. Equipping your kitchen with portable bites, snack-sized containers and even an insulated lunchbox makes it quick and easy to respond to those hunger pangs no matter where they strike. 

Purchase Portables

From yogurt and protein drinks in pouches to snack-size peanut butter, there is an abundance of portable snacks on the market. But, buyer beware: Is it a healthy choice? Apps offer help with navigating the snack shelves, assigning letter grades or smiley faces to guide consumers to better options. Watch for added sugar, salt and preservatives on labels before stocking up. Choose low-sugar yogurts, cereal bars and 100 percent juice to cut back on unwanted ingredients.

Portable Snacks – Store Bought

Almond butter, squeeze pack

Juice boxes, 100% juice, 8 fl.oz.

Baby carrots

Nuts, single serving

Cereal bars

Peanut butter, single serve tubs

Cheese cubes

Popcorn, small bag

Cheese sticks

Raisins, mini boxes

Cottage cheese, individual serving

Squeezable 100% fruit/veggie pouches, no added sugars

Fruit leather, 100% fruit

Snack crackers


Trail mix packets

Hummus, individual serving


Healthy and Homemade 

If time permits, homemade snacks are less expensive, contain fewer preservatives and can be a fun family project. Choose recipes that include whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains while keeping an eye on added sugars.

  • PBJ: An oldie but goodie, it makes an easy bite-sized snack when cut into four sections. Mix it up by using almond butter, apple butter, fruit spreads or bananas on whole grain bread.

  • Fruit Kabobs: Cut your favorite fruit into bite-sized pieces and thread on a toothpick or skewer. Grapes and cheddar cheese, melon and raspberries, pineapple and blueberries. Endless combinations make this an easy go-to snack. 

  • Pinwheels: Oh the fun you can have with pinwheels! Begin with a whole grain tortilla, decide on your favorite fillings, roll, cut and go. Try peanut butter and honey; mustard, chicken and cheese; or whipped cream cheese, spinach and turkey. Any favorite sandwich toppings work!

  • Energy balls: With millions of recipes out there, energy balls are an easy to make, no cook option. Usually made with a nut-butter base, energy balls are perfect for a healthy, quick bite.

  • Mini muffins: Zucchini, carrots, apples and raisins are all healthy additions to mini muffins. Fun-sized muffins made with whole grain flours are perfect to pop in hungry mouths. 

  • Mini caprese salad skewers: For a light and tasty treat, assemble vegetable skewers. Cap the ends of toothpicks with cherry tomatoes and fill the center with the cheese of your choice. 

Honorable Mentions

Healthier versions of frozen favorites are great make-at-home recipes to try this summer. Whip up popsicles with fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply blend, pour and chill. Use ice cube trays or molds to create mouth-watering flavors like peaches and cream or kiwi strawberry

Another fantastic use for frozen fruit? Easily transform frozen watermelon into a decadent sorbet. Both options provide wholesome alternatives to highly processed and sugar-laden, store-bought varieties. 

By planning, making smart choices and having the right foods in your pantry, you will be sure to have yummy, healthy snacks on hand for family and friends. 

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