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Understanding what a Patient Care Coordinator Can Do for You

What is a Patient Care Coordinator?

Navigating the complex world of patient care can be a stressful and difficult experience. When you or a loved one is recovering from any medical issue, getting back to health should be the main focus. You shouldn’t be confused about what services are needed or where to go to find them. That’s where Orlando Health’s dedicated team of Patient Care Coordinators come in. Each Patient Care Coordinator is trained to help assist with any questions a patient may have – whether that’s over the phone, via email or in person. They make sure that care plans are initiated and followed, and can help patients better understand medical conditions, medications and instructions, both in the hospital and at home.

Getting to Know a Patient Care Coordinator

Our Patient Care Coordinators are with you from start to finish. Early on in your hospital stay, your coordinator will begin to work on your care plan, ensuring that your plan will be ready to go as soon as you leave the hospital. If it feels like a coordinator is talking about post-hospital care and you’ve only just arrived, that’s not because they’re rushing you out. It’s quite the opposite! Our Patient Care Coordinators are putting the attention and care into the details that will make your transition home as easy as possible. They’re focused on all the things you’ll need to successfully recover after you leave the hospital – and that preparation begins as soon as you arrive.

What Else Do They Do?

Orlando Health Patient Care Coordinators are setting the bar for other hospitals across the nation when it comes to level of consideration and quality of care. That’s because our Patient Care Coordinators do so much more than answer questions. When you’re in the hospital, your coordinator will talk to your entire care team to make sure your wishes are represented. Additionally, they will help summarize all the information from your care team and deliver it to you in clear, understandable language.

When you’re ready to leave the hospital, they are familiar with Orlando Health’s network of care providers – from medical suppliers and specialty pharmacists to outpatient therapist and equipment delivery options – and will make sure your care plan is executed as conveniently and efficiently as possible. They’ll help you schedule follow-up appointments, fill prescriptions and arrange for any special equipment or therapy in your care plan. Orlando Health Patient Care Coordinators are your partners in recovery.

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