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Valentine’s Day? Make a Date … With Your Doctor

January 21, 2021

Every year, couples celebrate their love for each other on Valentine’s Day by going out for an expensive dinner or sending a fancy bouquet of roses. But what could be more romantic than ensuring you are going to be with your loved one for a long time by using Valentine’s Day as a reminder to make a date to see your doctor?

Feel Better Longer 

These days, Americans are living longer. In 1960, the average life expectancy in the United States was 70, and now it’s nearly 79. But it’s important to take steps to ensure your longer life is active and healthy. 

Patients too often say they avoid regular doctor check-ups or uncomfortable diagnostic exams because they feel fine or don’t have the time to do them. But by shifting your mindset about important screening tests from an inconvenience to a gift to your partner, you not only extend your own quality of life, but you extend theirs, too. Caregiving is expensive, time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. Taking small steps to stay healthy shows your loved one you care.

Keep Love Alive

Taking care of your health has another benefit, too: It can improve your love life. As we age, physical intimacy can be derailed by issues such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Not only can this be a mood buster, but over time it can cause depression and anxiety — and can even mask larger physical health concerns. Regular screenings for blood pressure, hormone levels and prostate health can ward off potential problems. 

Make it Fun

Few will say they like going to the doctor. But with a little creativity — and a big sense of humor — you can turn taking care of your health into something you and your partner can do together. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Give blood together. Not only are you helping your community, but each donor is screened for general health concerns such as blood pressure, infectious diseases and even the COVID-19 antibody. Then follow up your donation date with a trip to your local coffee shop for guilt-free pastries to keep your blood sugar at a safe level.

  • Accompany your sweetie to her mammogram appointment, then head out for a pancake breakfast. While only women might get this random connection, it certainly provides a funny conversation starter over what a mammogram entails. 

  • Book both of your annual head-to-toe wellness checks, then slide over to a local spa for a couples-only treatment. Nothing erases the clinical poking and prodding of that necessary exam faster than a deep tissue massage, which is good for your mental health, too.

Telling someone you love them is wonderful, heartfelt gifts are always appreciated and fancy dinners are a treat. But if you truly want to show you care, nothing beats taking an active role in ensuring your happily-ever-after is a healthy one.


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