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What’s So Complex About Complex Abdominal Surgery?

If your doctor recently used the term “complex abdominal surgery” in regards to a procedure you or a loved one might need, it’s understandable if you felt confused. This all-inclusive term refers to any abdominal operation complicated by other health factors. 

Complex also Means Careful 

In the right hands, these surgeries often have great outcomes. If you’re feeling worried, ask your doctor or surgeon questions beforehand. Here’s a breakdown of what adds to their complexity: 

Surgeons consider an abdominal operation complex if a patient has current or past medical issues. These could include previous abdominal surgeries, a history of hernias or conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or kidney disease. Patients who enter surgery with pre-existing conditions are at an increased risk for complications during surgery, so other precautions may need to be taken.

These surgeries frequently take a long time to perform due to extensive scar tissue inside a patient’s abdomen. Some patients require high levels of care afterward, perhaps even a stay in the intensive care unit. These procedures also are associated with higher risks for infection, blood loss and poor wound healing.

Bigger Hospitals, Better results

Complex abdominal surgeries can address a range of issues, including abdominal wall hernias, small and large bowel obstructions and tumors, intestinal fistulas and chronic traumatic abdominal injuries. These procedures are usually performed in large medical centers, rather than in the smaller community hospitals some patients may be more familiar with. 

In large medical centers, appropriate resources are available, including surgeons who are experienced in these intricate procedures and are skilled in using the latest surgical equipment and techniques. When abdominal surgery is performed in high-tech hospitals that complete several of these surgeries every day, patient outcomes are much better. 

All patients deserve access to this type of care. If you’re in need of some form of abdominal surgery, you can contact the surgical office at a large medical center near you.

If It Hurts, Don’t Hesitate

Ignoring an abdominal wall hernia or chronic abdominal pain can cause the problem to get worse. Putting off surgery can make your problem more difficult to treat. It’s better for a patient to have a complex abdominal problem treated as soon as possible, before it becomes life-threatening and may require a longer hospital stay.

Choose minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Orlando Health is proud to be a leader in robotic surgery, offering the benefits of this advanced minimally invasive technology to our patients. When it comes to complex procedures, robotic surgery offers several important advantages as it uses small incisions that result in less trauma to the body than traditional open surgery.

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