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Work Your Day Like a Pro Athlete

Whether you’re delivering a big presentation or leading a team meeting, you need to show up prepared for the challenge. You can’t just phone it in.

Orlando City Soccer Club (OCSC) and Orlando Pride players are no strangers to what it takes to succeed both on and off the field. From their workspace to yours, here are five of their best work tips to keep you going strong all day.

1. Be Disciplined

Being a professional footballer requires a lot of discipline, even when you're outside of the pitch. It's important to be an equally disciplined person no matter what field you're playing on, says Chris Mueller, OCSC Forward.

A daily routine is important to long-term success, so you need to be committed to your daily healthy habits. Stay consistent in what you do every day and stick to your healthy routines. Both are important to your long-term success.

2. Block Negative Chatter

Make a habit of blocking out negative chatter and staying focused every single day. You can’t just call it up on the day of the game, says Dillon Powers, OCSC Midfielder.

Mindfulness and meditation are tools you should practice constantly. That way, when it comes to blocking negativity out, it’s easier to do. You are able to stay focused on the present and move on to the next play, especially when the unexpected happens. Practice moving past negative talk as part of your training. It really allows you to reconnect with the moment during the game.

3. Don’t Feel Defeated

If you face a setback, rise above feeling defeated. It’s tough, but remain positive, says Alex De John, OCSC Defender. It's easy to get down and mentally check out. Positivity aids the recovery process and helps you recover faster.

Focus on what's most important for you to get back in the game. When others tell you what to do, their goal is the same as yours: They’re trying to help you get back on the pitch.

4. Stay Curious and Start Slowly

Part of my decision to begin my vegan lifestyle was because I was curious. I wanted to eat better and eliminate processed foods from my vegetarian diet, says Toni Pressly, Orlando Pride Defender.

If you’re considering a major change like a vegan diet — or anything, really — start slowly. Don’t dive in right away. Personally, I’ve seen all kinds of positive changes: I’m leaner, my weight doesn’t fluctuate, and I’m feeling and performing better.

5. Get Your Rest

Focus on getting lots of sleep. It aids in recovery and ensures you wake up with lots of energy, says Shane O’Neill, OCSC Defender. There’s no substitute.

It also helps to keep your bedtime consistent. When you go to bed at 10:00 pm one night and 1:00 am the next because you stayed up too late playing Fortnite, it’s tough to feel your best the next day.

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