Community Grant Program Open to Team Members

Orlando Health is pleased to announce that for the second year, competitive grants are being offered through the Orlando Health Community Grant Program. Many team members are personally involved in volunteer efforts in our community, devoting time outside the healthcare system. In recognition of that dedication, the Orlando Health Community Grant Program was created.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Central Florida, these competitive grants will assist in coordinating, enriching and supporting efforts that help promote health and wellness in the region. Through the program, team members will have the opportunity to pilot ideas or enhance current initiatives that extend beyond our hospital walls. The Orlando Health Community Grant Program is one way Orlando Health is investing back into our community, providing support for the important work being done here in Central Florida.

Last year, the Orlando Health transport team in conjunction with the Children’s Home Society applied for and received a grant for a program called Car Seat Matters. Through the funding that was received they provided car seats, checkpoints and instruction to our community. Teen Xpress also received a grant to fund the mobile healthcare unit. This allows the team to visit distressed neighborhoods and provide screenings and healthcare services to children, creating an access point.

The grant process is currently underway for fiscal year 2017 and will close March 15. An application can be found on Community Benefit’s homepage on SWIFT.

FAQs regarding the program are also located here. For additional information on the program click on the “What’s New” section of Community Benefit’s SWIFT page.  

Community organizations will also have the opportunity to apply for these competitive grants. They must submit an application through the Orlando Health website.  

Questions or support inquiries can be directed to the Community Benefit Department at​.

February 15, 2017