Nursing Research

Orlando Health Nursing has valued Nursing Research since the mid-1980s when the first nursing research council was started, and it has been active ever since. In 2005, the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) was launched, reinforcing organizational support and value for nurses to have resources to engage in the contribution to scientific knowledge in the discipline. Additionally, the CNR supports development of evidence-based practice initiatives to provide a strong foundation for nursing practice beyond tradition and to engage nurses as consumers of research. Research is supported at the highest level of nurse leadership and is a main component of the nursing strategic plan. Further development of campus- specific research councils to address population differences and opportunities for nurses across the 10-hospital system is under development.

The Center’s main mission is to broaden the capacity for nurses to conduct and use research in practice and the vision is that nursing practice is guided by empirical evidence. To meet this aim, the Center has nurse scientists devoted to consult with nurses at all levels and areas of practice to explore ideas for research, develop research ideas into proposals to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), conduct study methods, analyze data and disseminate it through local and international publications and presentations. The nurse scientist guides nurse researchers to navigate the steps in research and application to the IRB. Educational opportunities are also provided for nurses at the basic to advanced levels. To add to the body of knowledge for the discipline of nursing, the focus of research is on nursing practice, education, leadership and other areas of nursing. Students who are conducting research as part of their academic preparation are also supported by the CNR.  Nurse scientists are all PhD prepared and, they also conduct clinical investigations and seek grant funding to support their efforts. In summary, Orlando Health has a strong commitment to nursing research and provides support for nurses to contribute to professional and scholarly activities.