Medical Assistant – Conway – Family Medicine – Full-time

Title: Medical Registration Clerk

Department: Medical Unit

Dept. Director: Office Manager

Supervisor: Office Manager

Location: Orlando, FL 32812

Job Summary

The Medical Registration Clerk greets, checks in and schedules appointments for patients. He/She checks out patients, accepting co-payments and FFS monies and reconciles all money collected at the end of the day. He/She maintains waiting room decorum and general appearance and assists in the night closing of the facility. He/She ensures the proper identification of all services rendered/ordered for accurate and timely processing of patient flow. He/She is responsible for identifying all COB, MVA, FFS and any other insurance information.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Registers all patients.
  2. Greets all patients in a friendly, professional manner, maintaining eye contact while interacting with patients.
  3. Verifies patient’s eligibility; distributes new patient registration information packets.
  4. Verifies patient demographic information at each visit and reviews all forms completed by patients for accuracy and completeness. Enters any correction into the system or refers the patient to the New Patient Registration Specials.
  5. Reviews all flags and comments on patient’s records.
  6. Accepts payments for services rendered based on established cash guidelines and policies. Performs a daily reconciliation ensuring cash is applied accurately and reconciliation is in balance.
  7. Checks in patients and prints encounters. Files all encounters alphabetically by day.
  8. Answers incoming phone calls in a pleasant, professional manner. Schedules appointments, responds to questions or refers to the appropriate staff member when applicable.
  9. Identifies emergency or urgent situations following Physician Associates guidelines. Communicates all patient problems to appropriate manager and identifies any non-patient emergencies to Administration.
  10. Keeps all patients in the waiting area aware of any delay in their appointments when providers are running late. After consulting with the Team Leader, offers patient appointments at other times or with other providers to reduce delays. Issues courtesy certificates when deemed appropriate.
  11. Maintains waiting area materials in a neat, organized fashion.
  12. Reschedules and confirms appointments as assigned.
  13. Ensures that any patient that has DNKA’d is entered into the system at the end of each session.
  14. Does encounter form reconciliation.
  15. Collects money and balances receipts.
  16. Maintains supplies and inventory of work area.
  17. Assists with the closing of the facility.
  18. Works effectively as a member of the patient care team and contributes suggestions for improving unit and organizational operations.
  19. Assumes other job duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements

  1. Ability to stand and bend to withdraw charts/records from the highest and lowest shelves in Health Information Management.
  2. Ability to see for visual review of money, charts, encounters and schedules for identification.
  3. Ability to verbally communicate for telephone communication.
  4. Ability to hear in order to perform Main Reception responsibilities.
  5. Ability to ambulate throughout the health center.
  6. Ability to sit for extended periods of time.

Education/Experience Requirements

  1. High School diploma or GED. Experience can substitute for education.
  2. Previous experience in a physician’s office, clinic or hospital.
  3. Medical terminology knowledge.
  4. Experience scheduling healthcare appointments.
  5. Customer service experience
  6. Minimal familiarization with computers.
  7. ICD-10 coding and/or medical experience preferred.

Required functions

  1. Mini Registration/Registration
  2. Update Demographic Information
  3. Print Encounter
  4. Appointment Confirmation
  5. Appointment Template Changes
  6. Reschedule Appointments
  7. Collect Cash/Give and Balance Receipts
  8. Encounter Form Reconciliation
  9. Inpatient Lab & X-Ray
  10. Get Physician Associates Physician and Insurance Verification
  11. Get Waiver of Liability Signatures
  12. Copy Insurance Cards for Patient Records

To apply send your resume and title of position to [email protected]