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Welcome to the Orlando Health Medical Group Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Orlando Health Medical Group Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation offers comprehensive and innovative rehabilitation service for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of pain disorders, including nonsurgical management and treatment of the whole person, not just the problem area. Rehabilitation Medicine specializes in helping you restore maximum function after a loss from injury, illness or a disabling condition.


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About Us

With more than 30 years of clinical experience, our board-certified physicians specialize in the team approach to patient care, involving interdisciplinary groups of physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians as well as family members in the comprehensive rehabilitation of each patient. Our compassionate, skilled teams of rehabilitation clinicians work together to help restore function and improve your overall quality of life. An estimated 43 million Americans are afflicted by some form of disability, either congenital or acquired. At the Orlando Health Medical Group Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we are committed to using all medical and technological advances available to help our patients achieve their highest potential at leading independent and productive lives.