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What is the research consent form for?

  • This consent gives us permission to call and ask how you are doing and if you would be willing return for long-term follow-up in the future.  The purpose is only for collection of information.
  • Your treatment will not be affected whether you agree to participate or not.
  • Treatments change over the years, and we (the physicians) can look back at this information and learn from it in the future.
  • If you are contacted in the future, you still have the right to refuse to participate at that time.
  • You may have a copy of the signed form.

FOR EXAMPLE: If we are conducting a study that requires 10-year follow-up on your condition (leg fractures, hip or knee replacements, etc.), this form gives us permission to call you and ask how you are doing.


Download a Joint Replacement Surgery Booklet:

You are also encouraged to attend our pre-operative joint replacement class. To make a reservation, please call 321.8HEALTH (321.843.2584). For more pre-operative information about total joint replacement, please view our series of videos on the pre-operative steps for joint replacement surgery.

Joint Replacement Educational Videos

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