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The 3 tesla MRI, or 3T MRI, is currently the gold standard in imaging technology. Our 3T MRI system that handles virtually any MRI application — from routine brain, spine and orthopedic studies, to specialized vascular and cardiac applications. Additionally, the 3T MRI produces more detailed images in shorter scan times for patients.

The 3T MRI:

  • Has twice the strength and image quality of a standard 1.5T MRI while reducing patient appointment time by 50 percent
  • Generates microscopic detail that can aid our board-certified radiologists in providing you with earlier diagnosis and treatment
  • Provides more room and comfort for patients who may be anxious in a traditional MRI system

What can an MRI diagnose?

  • Aneurysms, stenosis, occlusions and carotid arteries in the head and neck
  • Diseases of the central nervous system, including spinal cord deterioration, tumors of the brain and multiple sclerosis
  • Conditions of the heart, liver, kidney adrenal glands, male and female pelvis, and abdominal blood vessels
  • Disorders of bones, knees and joints
  • Conditions of cartilage, ligaments, bone, muscle, fat and menisci
  • Shoulder disorders, including impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tears

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