Frequently Asked Questions

What is Housecalls?

Housecalls is an Orlando Health program where clinicians — either physicians or advanced registered nurse practitioners — make house calls to a patient’s home when the patient is temporarily or permanently unable to leave due to either a recent surgery or chronic illness. Our clinicians can evaluate health conditions, order prescriptions, and act as the patient’s primary care provider for the amount of time the patient needs.

What is the difference between Housecalls and Home Care?

Housecalls practitioners can evaluate health conditions or treat patients in the home who were just discharged from the hospital. They are able to order prescriptions and offer primary care services for patients.

With Home Care, a nurse is ordered by the patient’s primary care physician to provide a certain service in the home, such as wound care, checking for congestive heart failure, etc. Home Care nurses are not able to prescribe prescriptions or provide an evaluation of a medical issue. Home Care is for patients who just had surgery or have been recently discharged from the hospital and cannot make it to their doctor for check-ups or wound care. The physician orders the service to come to them until they are able to travel to the physician.

Who Can Use Housecalls?

Patients who qualify for Housecalls home visits include:

  • Patients who are transitioning from a primary care physician to another physician
  • Patients who are homebound due to physical (or mental) limitations
  • Patients discharged from a healthcare facility who do not have an active primary care physician.
  • Patients visiting from out of the area who do not have access to their primary care physician

Is this service paid for by Medicare?

Yes, it is covered by Medicare Part B.

How long am I required to be seen by the Housecalls team?

There is no minimum or maximum timeframe for how long care can be provided. We encourage patients to return to their community physician once they are able to. If the patient remains homebound, they may continue with Housecalls as their primary care service provider.
Do patients like this service?

Patients who utilize the Housecalls program report an extremely high level of satisfaction with their care.

What are the benefits of using the Housecalls program?

The Housecalls program can:

  • Decrease a patient’s length of stay in the hospital by providing follow-up care at home
  • Prevent readmission by managing the patient’s condition
  • Provide a transition from the hospital to home that ensures quality and safety

What if I or my family have questions?


To inquire about services for yourself, a family member or a friend, please call us at 407.852.2760.