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Dietitian Lauren Popeck discusses the importance of eating right.

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Publication date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

Orlando Health’s very own registered dietitian Lauren Popeck continues to address important health topics in dietary segments on FOX 35’s Good Day Orlando morning show.

Lauren recently appeared live on FOX 35 to address weight loss and carbohydrates. Lauren helped explain why all carbs are not necessarily bad for you and specifically 5 carbs that can help with weight loss.

Recently, Lauren appeared on FOX 35 to discuss everything from meat-free foods to consuming a safe amount of salt. Lauren looks at vegetarian and vegan diets and types of foods that we think may be meat free, but really aren’t.

Then Lauren examined the impact of consuming too little or too much sodium and how to find that perfect balance.

Below is a link to Lauren's segment. Please feel free to share/post and tweet the link to share this great information:

FOX 35: 5 Carbs That Can Help Weight Loss


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