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Get the ‘Right Care’ at Orlando Health

October 26, 2018

At Orlando Health, an initiative called Right Care is helping to standardize hospital processes so the “right” care is delivered to every patient, every time, in every Orlando Health facility.

Under the direction of Thomas Kelley, MD, Vice President of Quality and Clinical Transformation at Orlando Health, Clinical Consensus Teams (CCTs) studied the hospital’s outcomes for areas where there were higher volumes of diagnostic-related patients in comparison to other top performing hospitals across the nation.

The CCT’s physician leaders, nurses, allied health team members and IT experts looked at the data to determine opportunities to improve patient care and, ultimately, patient outcomes. After examining the data, CCT teams developed specific and timely interventions for these higher-volume patients. The interventions were then translated into quick reference guides for all providers to use in ordering and while monitoring process compliance. Thus, Right Care was born.

Orlando Health is committed to giving every patient the ‘Right Care’ every time.

Based on the team’s work and quick reference guides, Orlando Health developed standardized Right Care treatment guidelines for six primary patient groups. After hospital doctors and staff spent time learning about the new procedures, Right Care treatment guidelines for this initial group of patients was implemented in April 2018.

Since Right Care has been implemented, patients across all six target populations have needed to stay less time in the hospital. These results are just the beginning. Orlando Health plans to expand Right Care to include other adult medicine diagnoses, as well as aspects of women’s and children’s health.

Orlando Health is committed to giving every patient the ‘Right Care’ every time.