New Committee Chairs Continue Advancing Patient Experience Goals

Jayne Willis, vice president of Nursing, and Dr. Thomas Kelley, chief of Quality and Clinical Transformation, are the new team to chair the Service Steering Committee and lead Orlando Health’s patient experience initiatives.

The Service Steering Committee is a diverse group of leaders who help set the strategy for the organization to reach its goal of achieving top ten percent in the nation for patient experience.

Jayne and Dr. Kelley are no strangers to collaboration, with a history of partnering together on quality initiatives. “We feel it’s a natural progression for us to lead patient experience endeavors,” Jayne says. “Because Orlando Health’s mission is to serve our community, delivering an outstanding patient experience aligns with that mission and is an essential component of quality care.”

Under the direction of Jayne and Dr. Kelley, the Service Steering Committee will build on advancements achieved over the past year. “We’ve made outstanding improvements under the leadership of outgoing Committee Chair Mark Jones and we both look forward to continuing in his footsteps to reach the next level in patient experience,” Dr. Kelley says.

Progress on Orlando Health’s quality journey offers insight for the patient experience.

“We’ve made tremendous improvements in quality outcomes and I’m confident that the same standardized systematic approach can be applied to the patient experience,” Jayne says. “We will also continue to partner with patients and families by supporting our Patient Family Advisory Councils and including them on our committees. Patients deserve a voice in what is important to them.” 

With the end of the 2016 fiscal year just months away, Jayne and Dr. Kelley remind team members stay on track to achieve success with the service and quality goals for the year.

“What you do today for patients will have an impact on this year’s goals,” shares Jayne. “Communication, bedside manner and commitment to service affect the patient's perception of their overall experience. We all must take ownership of this responsibility to achieve the best outcomes -- not only in patient experience, but for quality and safety too.”