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Things to Do on Sunday to Help You "Monday."

So it’s almost Monday, but who says Mondays have to suck? Make Sunday your self-care day to wind down and gear up for the infamous Monday. 

Dr. Ray Lebeda of Orlando Health Physician Associates has some healthy recommendations for friends, family — and you.

To promote optimal brain function for the start of the week, add activities that decrease cortisol and release endorphins. It’s like rebooting your brain to get it ready for the week ahead. Along with exercise, consider spending time with friends and families, deep breathing and lots of laughter…it brings more oxygen to the brain.

To boost your brain power…


Make it a mental health day


Your mind is a wonderful thing, but it needs a break, too.

Coffee with friends

  • But first, coffee — enjoy that cup of coffee (or tea) in silence and just breathe
  • 5-minute ohm’s and aah’s — a peaceful meditation clears the cobwebs
  • Be social — think brunch with lots of laughs and a mimosa or two
  • Escape with your favorite book/blog — lose yourself in the pages
  • Color like a kid again — and you don’t have to stay in the lines
  • Get those to-dos off your brain — write ‘em down and let ‘em go
  • Pick Monday’s “I’ve got this” outfit — the brighter, the better
  • Paint your nails a bright color — you’ll feel more polished on Monday
  • Meal prep for the week — time to try those salads-in-a-jar

Sunday is a great day to get our bodies moving. When you start or increase exercise, it decreases stress hormones such as cortisol. Exercise also releases natural endorphins that enhance mood and act as natural painkillers. Hobbies and other activities that get you out of the house and breathing in fresh air boost your mood and your heart rate.

So, this Sunday, let’s…


Move It


When your blood’s flowing, your whole body benefits.

  • Sweat, smile, repeat –– simple enough, right?
  • Bike to brunch — breathe in the fresh air and get your heart rate up.
  • Honor your warrior pose — yoga and stretching do a body (and mind) good…Namaste.
  • Walk barefoot in the grass — it heightens your senses and keeps you grounded.
  • Discover your green thumb — grow your own fruits and veggies for the freshest smoothies.
  • Get some fresh air and vitamin D –– you can do all the above outside. Fresh air and limited sun can have restorative effects.
  • Indulge in water fitness — think swimming…your core will love you for it.
  • Dance like your sassy self — really let go and get that heart rate up.

When it comes to taking care of your emotional health, be easy on yourself. Spend quality time with a loved one or significant other. The physical contact of cuddling, kissing, hugging and sex releases oxytocin and decreases cortisol, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Aromatherapy also lowers your blood pressure while gently awakening your senses. And, good news, all you nappers: Short power naps can boost memory and enhance creativity and creative problem-solving.

So, this Sunday, slip into the slow lane for…


Emotional Well-Being


 When you’re peaceful on the inside, it shows on the outside.

  • Sleep until you want to wake up — the rest of the day can wait
  • Hide your phone… at least for an hour –– it will enable you to focus on other things and de-stress
  • Reclaim your power nap — in 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll wake up rested and restored
  • Detox in a salt bath… add a face mask — a soak in the tub is relaxing and it sweats out the toxins, while a face mask can refresh your skin
  • Envision what makes you happy — visualizing the good things can uplift your mood and give you fresh ambition
  • Calm down with chamomile tea — it’s a gentle, soothing way to end the day
  • Early lights out — clock those 8 hours of shut-eye to wake up rested and ready to take on Monday…

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