St. Cloud Resident Spearheads Donation to Aid in Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Learn how Orlando's new screening program is saving lives.


Katie Dagenais
[email protected]

Orlando, FL – January 25, 2013 – When Jessica Jones’ father passed away from lung cancer two years ago she vowed she would honor his legacy by giving back to MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando where he had undergone treatment. Today, her wish came true as the Dusty Joy Foundation, a non-profit focused on advancing lung cancer awareness, made a very specific donation, in her father’s honor, to MD Anderson – Orlando’s lung cancer screening program. 

The Dusty Joy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance lung cancer awareness, early detection and compassion for those impacted by lung cancer donated $1,500 to the cancer hospital’s lung cancer screening program to help offset the cost of CT scans for Central Floridians who are at high risk for developing this type of cancer. 

MD Anderson – Orlando began the screening program in 2011, offering the CT scans at a discounted rate of $375. The Dusty Joy Foundation’s donation will provide an additional $150 to offset that cost, bringing the total out-of-pocket patient cost to $225. To be eligible for the MD Anderson – Orlando lung cancer screening program you must be over the age of 55 and have smoked one pack a day for 30 years or more.

This donation was made possible through the efforts of Jones, a St. Cloud resident and Dusty Joy volunteer who organized a fundraising event at MD Anderson – Orlando last year called Cupcakes for a Good Cause. “Two and a half years ago my best friend and hero, my dad Bruce Lytle, was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer,” said Jessica Jones. “Six months later we lost him. Because he was the most giving man I knew I want to honor him by continuing to give. Lung cancer screenings are such a vital part in this fight. It comes as no surprise that the phenomenal staff at MD Anderson - Orlando have found a way to spearhead such an amazing program. I am honored to work with the Dusty Joy Foundation and MD Anderson – Orlando on this crucial life-saving program.”

“Lung cancer screening is Dusty Joy Foundation’s highest priority,” says Dusty Donaldson, lung cancer survivor and the organization’s founder. “We applaud MD Anderson Orlando’s leadership role in offering lung cancer screening at a significantly reduced cost and for advancing awareness about lung cancer screening. We are learning that awareness about screening is just as important as the actual screening. Few people who meet the qualifications are aware of the health benefits of screening. These screenings greatly increase early detection of the cancer and significantly improve their chance of survival.”

“We sincerely appreciate the support of Jessica and the Dusty Joy Foundation and their recognition of our lung cancer screening program,” said Dr. Mark Roh, President, MD Anderson – Orlando. “Already this screening program is saving lives. More than one-third of those screened so far in this program have had positive test results and a number of patients have begun treatment for lung cancer. In addition, it appears this program is also prompting patients to quit smoking, which is wonderful news. We applaud Jessica and Dusty for supporting this program so that we continue early detection of lung cancer.”

For more information about the MD Anderson – Orlando Lung Cancer Screening Program and to schedule an appointment, call 321-843-7780 or visit