Tips for Staying Organized

With the start of every new school year, families across the country face the same challenges. School bells ring — and so do early morning alarm clocks. Piles of paper begin growing with the steady stream of teacher handouts and homework assignments. The following are some quick and easy ideas to minimize clutter — and stress.

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Ease into the School Schedule

  • During the last two weeks of summer, reintroduce a school year bedtime. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they’ll need to rise when school begins.
  • Don’t neglect mealtimes. Younger children in particular need to adapt to new meal routines before the school day demands it of them. Plan meals and snacks to accustom little ones to rituals of the school day before it begins.

Create Calendar Central

  • Locate a centralized site for all of your family’s calendars and schedules.
  • Create a family event calendar to track after-school activities, school programs and volunteer work.
  • Add specialized calendars and schedules for school lunch menus, class assignments and sports practice schedules.

Manage Morning Madness

  • Set the breakfast table for the morning as soon as the dinner dishes are cleared.
  • Make breakfast foods easy to reach.
  • Lay out clothing the night before.
  • Scan backpacks for missing homework, projects or library books.
  • Pack up instruments and/or sports bags before your kids go to bed.

While a new school year quickens the tempo of family life, remaining organized can help ensure your family has a happy new school year.

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Back to School

Back-to-school season adds a lot of things to a busy parent’s to do list: purchasing school supplies, finding new clothes for your children, and wrapping up summer programs.

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