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Back-to-school season adds a lot of things to a busy parent’s to do list: purchasing school supplies, finding new clothes for your children, and wrapping up summer programs. Do not let a school physical slip your mind during this busy time. Although some schools in Central Florida require an annual physical, particularly if your child is a student athlete, it is a smart idea for all parents to get their child a school physical annually.

Getting an annual physical can help your child stay healthy and ensure a successful school year!

What to Expect:

Opportunity to check developmental processes

During a routine physical, one of our board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatricians will check all of your child’s body systems to ensure there are no apparent problems. This allows you to catch any problems early on and get your child the best early intervention resources available.


A routine physical involves checking your child’s immunization records and ensure that he or she is up to date with all required immunizations. This may be required information for your school to admit your child in the fall.

Concerns for student athletes

Student athletes may need additional discussion with a health care professional about healthy eating, safe exercise practices or how to manage a physical condition while playing sports.

How to Get the Most from a Back-to-School Physical

The best way to maximize the effectiveness of the school physical is to go in with a plan. Do you have specific concerns about your child’s health or development? Do you feel like he or she may be falling behind in some way? Keep in mind that apparent cognitive or behavioral problems, such as being distracted or disruptive in class, can sometimes have physical origins such as poor eyesight. Make sure to ask your clinician any questions you have about your child’s well-being during the exam. 

What to bring

You should bring your child’s immunization records and a list of any medications your child takes, including prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines.

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Well-child exams help determine whether your child is growing and developing properly. Your child should have regular well-child exams through adolescence.