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Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Recovery and Mobility for Hip Replacement Patients

March 12, 2024

Leading orthopedic surgeon George Haidukewych, MD, recently performed one of the nation’s first artificial intelligence-assisted, patient-specific hip replacements at Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute.

The novel, on-site AI tool helps surgeons more precisely adapt hip replacement surgery to the individual patient’s lifestyle, optimize recovery and improve post-op mobility. Digital AI-assisted X-ray technology allows for customized surgical planning, navigated hip replacement and confirmation of the final hip placement.

George Haidukewych, MD
George Haidukewych, MD

With patient-specific personalization of implant placement, surgeons can tailor the position of the new hip to the patient's anatomy and their activities. “We do pre-operative planning to make the hip very specific to the activities a patient enjoys, like yoga, pickleball or golf,” says Dr. Haidukewych, who performed the inaugural replacement surgery in late 2023. He is the director of orthopedic trauma, chief of complex joint replacement and academic chairman at Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute.

Simulation modeling enables orthopedic surgeons to precisely insert the hip replacement with accuracy to the degree and to the millimeter appropriate for the individual patient. Applying AI to the X-rays taken in the operating room confirms the placement. This immediate feedback allows orthopedic surgeons unprecedented ability to address common patient concerns such as assuring leg lengths are even and biomechanics for range of motion are correct.

Computer-aided navigation enables me to target the implant precisely. Then, right there in the operating room I can immediately confirm the results on the patient’s anatomy in millimeter-specific detail. This level of precision has never been available to me — until now.”, – George Haidukewych, MD

Patient care is the first priority at Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute, he adds. “With this new technology, surgery is minimally invasive, muscle sparing, more efficient, and shorter, so patients aren’t under anesthesia as long. About 80 percent go home the same day — and all go home knowing their hip is implanted accurately.”

Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute has world-class specialists highly skilled in all aspects of hip surgery, from minimally invasive hip preservation and traumatic fractures to the most complex failed or infected reconstructions. Orlando Health offers the first and only orthopedic specialty hospital in Florida, making it a premier clinical destination for high-quality, multidisciplinary orthopedic care under one roof.

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