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Single Port Robotic Surgery Enhances Outcomes for Complex Urinary Tract Procedures

March 26, 2024

Surgical innovators at Orlando Health Medical Group Urology are advancing next-level single port (SP) robotic technology to improve patient outcomes and shorten recovery for even the most complex urinary tract reconstructions. In addition to addressing complications from previous pelvic procedures or prostate cancer surgery, SP technology has expansion capabilities for multiple urological procedures.

Lucas Wiegand, MD
Lucas Wiegand, MD

Unlike the multiport robot, which requires four or more incisions, the SP robot enters through a single, small incision. Tinier instruments and better optics enable surgeons to perform more precise operations. Considered a significant advancement in minimally invasive approaches, SP technology enables surgeons to perform complex procedures in very constricted, narrow spaces.

“Single port offers an alternative to a big, open procedure or when the multiport robot cannot be used,” says Lucas Wiegand, MD, a board-certified urologist with Orlando Health Medical Group Urology. A specialist in reconstructive urology and minimally invasive robotic surgery, Dr. Wiegand is often sought out for second opinions and complex cases.

Dr. Wiegand Inline

“Prior to this technology, an obstructed urinary tract, for example, would have required a large incision,” says Dr. Wiegand. “Now we can rebuild the bladder robotically from the inside out through a one-inch incision with equivalent functional outcomes for a patient.”

With fewer abdominal incisions, patients experience less pain, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery. “Our ability to offer this multidisciplinary, minimally invasive surgery sets us apart,” says Dr. Wiegand, who proctors SP surgical training nationwide.

“There aren’t a lot of clinicians who do robotic urologic reconstruction like we do, let alone single-port robotic reconstruction — but we like the challenge. Orlando Health’s commitment to build a team for this new technology has allowed us to implement it without a hitch. We did our first SP case here in fall 2023 and haven’t looked back.”

Orlando Health Medical Group Urology is the largest urology practice in Florida, with more than 20 physicians in 14 locations addressing the most complex urologic conditions. U.S. News & World Report recognized Orlando Health’s urology program as High Performing in their national specialty rankings for 2023-24. 

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