Medical Assistant – Lake Mary – Family Medicine – Full-time

Title: Medical Assistant 

Department: Medical Unit 

Dept. Director: Office Manager 

Supervisor: Office Manager 

Location: Lake Mary, FL 32746

Job Summary 

The Medical Assistant coordinates the timely flow of patient encounters by helping prepare the patient, room, record, equipment, and supplies based on the patient’s complaint and their status in the anticipation of the provider need. The Medical Assistant prepares encounters, performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as appropriate, maintains unit equipment, supplies, and inventory; administers medications, responds to emergency or urgent requests for medical care, assists in the nightly closing of the facility and any other activities as necessary.

Job Responsibilities 

  1. Assists with the timely flow of patient encounters by preparing the patient and exam rooms, collecting the appropriate equipment or supplies as requested and checking the medical record for completeness. 
  2. Assists with patient encounters, special procedures, including minor surgeries. Performs diagnostic or therapeutic procedures as ordered. Verifies patient understanding of procedures and assures appropriate written consent has been obtained prior to procedure. 
  3. Administers medications as ordered. 
  4. Documents all nursing activities, results, and patient related communications as appropriate. 
  5. Responds to all requests for emergency and urgent medical care according to approved guidelines and protocols. 
  6. Assists with the closing of the facility by completing the daily checklist. 
  7. Maintains equipment, supplies, and inventory for the medical unit. 
  8. Works effectively as a member of a patient care team and contributes suggestions for improving the unit and organization operations. 
  9. Attend required medical in-service training for position advancement. 
  10. Any other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements 

  1. Ability to push. 
  2. Ability to hear. 
  3. Ability to speak clearly. 
  4. Ability to operate phone. 
  5. Ability to see. 
  6. Ability to operate computer. 
  7. Ability to lift patients. 
  8. Ability to operate special equipment, i.e., O2 tank, cryo tank, sterilizers, audiometer, tympanogram, and pulse oximeter. 

Education/Experience Requirements 

  1. High school diploma. 
  2. Completion of accredited Medical Assistant training program or accredited X-Ray program which includes Medical Assistant training. 

Classification I

Required tasks routinely involve a potential for mucous membranes or skin contact with blood, body fluids, tissues or potential spills or splashes. Use of appropriate measures is required for every healthcare provider in this position.

To apply send your resume and title of position to [email protected]