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Thank you for choosing Orlando Health Medical Group Surgery. Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible.

When coming in for an appointment, we ask that you please arrive 30 minutes early to register, and make sure to have the following information with you:

  • Photo ID and insurance card(s)
  • Medical records pertaining to your chief complaint (if not already faxed by your referring physician)
  • Films (or CD copy) of any radiology procedures pertaining to your chief complaint (i.e. MRI, CT, Mammogram and/or Ultrasound)

Authorization and/or referral from your primary care physician, if necessary.

Patient Forms

Downtown Orlando (formerly Orlando Health Advanced Surgical Associates)

77 W Underwood St, 3rd Floor, Orlando, FL 32806

Longwood and Lake Mary (formerly South Seminole Surgical Group)

521 W SR 434, Suite 301, Longwood, FL 32750 & 392 Rinehart Rd., Lake Mary, FL 32746

Downtown Orlando and Dr. Phillips (formerly Dr. Phillips Surgical Associates)

77 W Underwood St, 4th Floor, Orlando, FL 32806 & 9340 Turkey Lake Rd, Suite 110, Orlando, FL 32819

Downtown Orlando (formerly Orlando Health Surgical Group)

14 W Gore St, Orlando, FL 32806 & 22 W Underwood St, Orlando, FL 32806


Will you handle all insurance verifications and authorizations?
We are happy, as a courtesy to you, to file your claims with your insurance provider. We will make every attempt to obtain any necessary verifications and authorizations. However, it is your responsibility to confirm your coverage, to obtain necessary referrals from your Primary Care Physician to bring with you to appointments, and any unpaid balance will remain your responsibility.

When will I need to pay my portion of my services?
We will collect your co-pay, insurance deductible and/or percentage at the time of check-in on each visit. However, the balance of your bill will remain your responsibility until paid by your insurance provider. We encourage you to follow through on any requests from your insurance provider to improve the probability of payment by your insurance.

What if I currently have a balance on my account?
We will be happy to work out a payment plan to have your account paid in full within three months of today’s date. Future appointments will be scheduled when the balance is paid in full.