The surgeons of Orlando Health Medical Group Surgery are trained in all aspects of general and laparoscopic surgery. While some of our surgeons also specialize in oncologic and trauma surgery.

Our surgical services* include:

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Breast biopsy and lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Lymph node biopsy and dissection
  • Skin and soft-tissue mass/lesion biopsy and excision
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
  • Splenectomy
  • Hernia repair
  • Trauma and emergency surgery
  • Surgical critical care
  • Burn surgery

Additional services include:

  • Aspirations
  • Minor incisional biopsies
  • Abscess incision and drainage
  • Catheter placement
  • Port placement and removal
  • Punch biopsies
  • Lymphedema screening

*Please note, not all services are offered at every location.