Freestanding ERs Provide More Options – Closer to Home

As Central Florida continues to grow at unprecedented rates, Orlando Health is looking for ways to increase access to its high-performing healthcare. A key component in that initiative is opening freestanding emergency rooms across the region.

“Consumers tell us they want convenient access to healthcare services so it’s easier to take care of themselves and their families,” says Greg Ohe, Orlando Health’s senior vice president for ambulatory services.

With four freestanding ERs already open and more on the way, Orlando Health is putting emergency care closer to where you work, live and play.

What Is a Freestanding ER?

A freestanding ER is simply an emergency facility that’s physically unattached to a hospital building. Freestanding ERs remove the need to travel long distances on congested roadways by placing services further into the community. Just like Orlando Health’s hospital-based ERs, freestanding ERs provide 24/7/365 access to:

  • Board-certified emergency doctors and nurses
  • Diagnostic services (lab tests, radiology and advanced imaging)
  • Treatment for illnesses and injuries, including heart attack, stroke and trauma

Located in southwest Orange County, the newly opened Orlando Health Emergency Room and Medical Pavilion – Horizon West features 24 ER patient rooms with diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. If a patient needs more acute care or a complex procedure, Orlando Health’s Air Care team can lift off from the onsite helipad and transport the patient straight to the hospital.

Freestanding ERs, such as Horizon West, keep pace with the healthcare needs of growing communities, says Orlando Health – Health Central Hospital President Mark Marsh.

“We’re excited to open this new facility and offer its enhanced services to the Horizon West community.”

Where Are They Located?

These six freestanding ERs are opened or coming soon across the region:

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