Smart Lunches for Kids

Healthy eating can improve children’s energy, increase brain activity and even brighten their demeanor. Having plenty of nutritious, versatile lunch options will keep kids from being bored at lunch time and will give them the midday boost they need.

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Make it Exciting

It’s important to keep lunch exciting so children look forward to the healthy foods prepared for them. Here are some ways you can have your kids grinning from ear-to-ear at lunchtime:

  • Cut sandwiches into triangles, diamonds or other fun shapes with cookie cutters.
  • Leave a note on a napkin letting them know you are thinking of them.
  • Change the bread (rye, pumpernickel, oat), or substitute it for whole grain tortillas, bagels or pitas.
  • Offer a variety of low fat cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, Jack or Swiss).
  • Change the veggies and fruit, and pack dips like cottage cheese, hummus or yogurt.
  • Mix it up! Let them buy their lunch if they usually pack or vice versa.

Easy, Nutritious Lunch Ideas

  • Pita bread with hummus
  • Cheese-filled pasta with tomato sauce
  • Tuna, egg, or chicken salad with low fat mayo
  • Veggie sandwich (hummus, avocado, cheese)
  • Pasta salad (whole wheat pasta, vegetables, cheese, lean mean with low fat dressing)
  • Taco salad (ground beef, lettuce, tomato, grated cheese and salsa)
  • Spinach/dark green lettuce with chicken, tuna, salmon, nuts, and or seeds
  • Mexican wraps (grilled chicken, black beans brown rice and avocado in a whole wheat tortilla)
  • Homemade chili or soup in a thermos with whole wheat crackers
  • Nut butter on a whole wheat tortilla or flatbread sprinkled with sliced strawberries or bananas
  • Small tortilla filled with diced and shredded vegetables and reduced fat ranch dressing
  • Homemade lunch-able (turkey breast, cheese cubes, whole grain crackers, fig newton, juice box)
  • Cheese and fruit kabob and veggies with hummus dip

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