Requesting Copies of Medical Records

Patients may request copies of medical records to be released to themselves or others/third parties by submitting a request in writing to the Health Information Management (HIM / Medical Records) department. Please see our ‘Questions about Medical Records’ for information on release requirements and other important information before submitting a request for records. Record requests from patients are handled as priority and should be released within 96 hours (4 days). For urgent requests, please call our Customer Service team after submitting the request at: (321) 841-4449.

Submit records request through our MyChart Patient Portal

  • Need a MyChart account? – Click Here
  • Existing MyChart Account:
    • Log in to Orlando Health MyChart
    • Click on Menu in upper left corner.
    • Scroll down to My Record in the menu.
    • Click Request Records
  • Unless otherwise specified in your request, the records will be delivered back to you through MyChart in electronic format (PDF) to view/download for 30 days. Be sure to save the records/file(s) to avoid having to re-request the records.

Submit records request through our secure Online Request Form

Don’t have a MyChart account? Orlando Health offers patients a secure, fully online records request tool that verifies your identity by asking for a photo of your Photo ID which can be taken via webcam or smartphone. There is no charge for this service. After clicking the button Requesting Records Online, please read the instructions carefully before initiating your request. Please note: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are the recommended browsers for this application.

Submit records request using traditional paper Release Form