Questions About Medical Records

Medical Records Department Contact Information

Phone(321) 841-4449
Fax(321) 843-6411
E-Mail[email protected]
Mail: Orlando Health
Health Information Management
1414 Kuhl Ave., MP69
Orlando, FL 32806

Record Request Requirements and Tips

  • Authorizations must be signed by the patient or the patient’s legal representative.
  • Minor Patients If the patient is a minor (under 18 years of age), the authorization must be signed by one of the parents or a legally appointed guardian (may be asked to show proof of guardianship).
  • Emancipated minors and drug and alcohol abuse patients who are minors may sign their own authorizations.
  • Deceased Patient Records If the patient has expired, the authorization must be signed by the personal representative of the estate or next-of-kin. If the patient did not expire at Orlando Health, the following must be presented:
    • Proof of death, and
    • Proof of appointment as the personal representative of the estate -or- verification as next of kin
  • Patient Unable to Sign If the patient is unable to sign by reason of physical or mental disability, the authorization should be signed by the next-of-kin or legally appointed guardian (must show proof) and must indicate the patient’s disability.
  • Power of Attorney (POA), Healthcare Surrogates, and Healthcare Proxies must include supporting documentation (copies of POA, surrogate, or proxy forms, court orders, etc). This may result in additional review and processing times.
  • Expiration Authorizations will expire on the date/time or event specified on the authorization/release form. They are otherwise “valid” until revoked. A new release form may be required if an older release form does not support the new request for records.

Additional Questions and Information

  • Record Availability Records can only be released when they are completed/finalized by the provider (doctors, nurses, etc) and only after patient is discharged per Florida Law.
  • Turnaround Time Once authorization is received, please allow up to 10 days for processing. For urgent requests, please call to expedite processing at: (321) 841-4449.
  • Historical Records, Record Retention and Destruction There may be an additional delay when requesting old medical records. These records may be in off site storage/archives and take additional time to retrieve, copy, and release to you. Orlando Health follows HIPAA and Florida Law record retention and destruction requirements. It is possible historical records (10+ years ago) may have been destroyed.
  • Radiology Images can only be sent electronically to other healthcare providers who are able to receive the images in electronic format from Orlando Health. If a patient is requesting copies of Radiology Images for themselves or a third party who does not have the capability to receive the images electronically from Orlando Health, then the Radiology Images will be burned to a CD/DVD and mailed via USPS First Class mail. Please allow 10 business days for the recipient to receive the CD/DVD.
  • Billing records should be requested through our Patient Accounting (billing) department. For patients, please call (321) 841-2596. For attorneys, please call (321) 842-8900.
  • Requesting information that is not part of your legal medical record such as raw video, audio, or any other information may result in additional delays and referral to the department that performed the test/procedure.
  • Fees for Records Orlando Health is not charging patients for copies of any records in any format. We will provide a courtesy copy to you free of charge for one copy/set of records only. Florida Law permits healthcare providers to charge a fee for records provided in electronic or paper format if deemed necessary.
  • USB Thumb Drives are not an option currently due to IT security reasons and the risk of viruses infecting our network from a unsecure, patient supplied USB drive. We can securely deliver records in electronic format in a variety of other electronic options: CD/DVD, E-Mail and our patient portal MyChart.
  • Fax Delivery is reserved for healthcare providers and specific third parties only. For HIPAA compliance and security purposes to protect your confidentiality, we do not fax records directly to patients.
  • Verbal Release of Protected Health Information Orlando Health’s Medical Records department will not verbally share any clinical/confidential information over the phone with the patient or any others. We will only release a copy of what’s in the patient’s record. If a patient needs to discuss care concerns they should reach out to their Patient Care Team directly (physician practice, nursing staff if inpatient, etc).
  • Privacy Violations If patient suspect that someone is looking at their medical record without permission, they should contact our Privacy Officer at: (888) 464-6747