Undergoing surgery is not only a stressful event for patients, but for families as well.   

Waiting for a doctor’s update on your loved one’s surgery after hours of uneasy waiting and wondering can be difficult to endure. That’s why doctors at Orlando Health created EASE —Electronic Access to Surgical Events — a secure HIPAA-compliant phone texting application that keeps family members updated in real time on the status of their loved one during surgery.

The EASE app allows family members to receive secure texts, photos and videos of their loved one’s progress during surgery, and to share those updates in real time with other family members or friends anywhere in the world. All messages, photos and videos are automatically deleted from the mobile device after 60 seconds, and the app uses 256-bit encryption to protect all communications.

In the coming months, the EASE app will be available for surgeries at many Orlando Health hospitals and facilities. Your Orlando Health physician will let you know if the EASE app is available in the facility where you or your loved one will be treated.  

How to get started with the EASE app

Using the EASE app is as simple as downloading the program from the Apple or Android store, registering it, and then setting your preferences for the type and frequency of communications you would like to receive from the surgical team caring for your family member.

Prior to surgery, a nurse will scan the EASE app’s QR code on your phone to make a secure connection between your phone and the phone from which updates will be sent. You also will need to complete a consent form to use EASE.

During surgery, the assigned nurse will send updates to your phone in the form of texts, photos and video — depending on your preference — as certain milestones occur. These updates also can be shared in real time with family members and friends by selecting your contacts within the app.  

For more information about the EASE app, please see our Frequently Asked Questions