Patient Billing

If you have questions regarding the bill you received from Orlando Health, please contact Patient Business Services.

Phone (321) 841-2596 & (877) 793-0145

Hours of Operation:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday 


Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits (COB) is the way to figure out who pays first when two or more health insurance plans are responsible for paying the same medical claim. This means the companies share the responsibility of covering the patient's medical expenses paying no more than 100% of the billed charges. COB was established to regulate this and to make it easy for policyholders.

It is important that we identify all of your health insurance coverage. By completing this form you ensure that there is no delay in payment. The forms can be completed prior to your care and emailed back to the email address above, or you can bring the form with you on the day of service.

This form allows you to:

  • Check account balance
  • Update and/or provide insurance information
  • Request itemized statements

Blue Cross Blue Shield Coordination of Benefits form

Third Party Legal Request

Health Care Practitioners providing services in the Hospital

The hospital and the professional services provided in the hospital are billed separately. The hospital charges for the room, equipment, supplies, technicians and nurses who cared for you. Any physician or allied health professional that treated you during your stay will have a separate bill.

Below is the list of names and contact information that may provide services to you in the hospital. Patients should contact these health care practitioners anticipated to provide services to you while in the hospital regarding a personalized estimate, billing practices and participation with your insurance provider or HMO as the practitioners may not participate with the same health insurers or HMO as the hospital. 

AmeriPath Orlando

Anesthesiologists of Greater Orlando

Diabetes Management Partners D/B/A GlyCare

Emergency Physicians of Central Florida

Florida Gulf to Bay Anesthesiology Associates - Wolverine Business

Medical Center Radiology Group

Omni Flight Helicopters

Pathology Specialist

Rural Metro Ambulance

South Lake Anesthesia Services

Surgicalist Company