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Toddler Avoided Drowning Thanks to ISR Program

July 31, 2017

“Mommy, I fell into the pool,” cried Benjamin after his mother rescued him from an accidental fall into the deep end of their private pool. Benjamin was only two-years-old at the time of his slip, but thanks to our National Training Center’s Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) class, managed to prevent himself from drowning.

The Robinson family was spending a relaxing Easter Sunday with their two sons, Benjamin and Charlie, when the incident occurred. Both of the parents were in the pool as the mother watched their youngest, Charlie, and the father looked over Benjamin as he was tugging his toy boat around the edge of the pool.

It only took 30 seconds of Mr. Robinson turning his back for Benjamin to quietly slip and fall without making a splash as he reached for his toy boat. When Mr. Robinson turned to realize his son was lying unattended on his back, he yelled for Mrs. Robinson to save him. Luckily, she found Benjamin comfortably floating on his back, not choking, but only making slight whimpering noises as he took normal breaths.

“I wanted to cry and freak out, but I held it together and in a calm voice said, ‘Yes, but you flipped on your back and floated just like you’re supposed to, and I am so proud of you,’” Mrs. Robinson recounts. It had been eight months since Benjamin’s last class, but he reacted just as he was told to in the event of an accident like this.

Mrs. Robinson has repeatedly expressed gratitude for the ISR program and Karen Faust for teaching her son how to float in case of an emergency. Both Benjamin and Charlie are scheduled to attend the refresher courses starting next month.

For more information on the ISR program, please read our last blog, “Learning a Lifesaving Skill: How ISR Program Teaches Infants and Children How to Swim,” or email Karen Faust to register today.

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