Downloadable Brochures

The Orlando Health Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery Institute offers a comprehensive program that combines effective treatment options, advanced surgical techniques and continual support services to provide you the best solution to meet your weight-loss needs with life-changing, lifelong results.

If you are a prospective patient or just looking to learn more about our program, our informative brochures are a great place to start. They’ll provide you with general information about the benefits of weight loss and an overview of our program, introduce you to our highly trained team of surgeons and outline the endoscopic and robotic surgeries they perform, and review eligibility requirements and how bariatric surgery can change your life.

Our goal is to help you become knowledgeable and comfortable with all aspects of our program, so you are ready to take the next step with confidence.

  • Guide to Bariatric Surgery

    Download a helpful guide to learn more about physicians and the different types of bariatric surgeries we offer.

  • Proven Weight Loss

    Learn about the different types of Endoscopic and Robotic surgeries and how our team of surgeons will offer you the best solution to meet your weight-loss needs.