Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery Institute Specialties

If you are a candidate for bariatric surgery, you will have choices when it comes to achieving your health goals. After considering your medical history, health conditions and expectations, your surgeon will develop a plan with you and help you decide on the weight-loss surgery that is right for you.

We provide multiple procedures either robotically or endoscopically. We also offer revision and conversion procedures for previous weight-loss surgeries.

If you meet the following criteria, you may qualify for bariatric surgery:

  • You must be between 14 – 70 years old. Some additional age restrictions may apply depending on the type of surgery.
  • You have a BMI greater than 35.*
  • You have type 2 diabetes with a BMI greater than 35.
  • You have a BMI of 30 – 34.9 and cannot achieve substantial or durable weight loss or improvement using nonsurgical methods.*

*Procedures for lower BMIs subject to insurance guidelines.

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